Everyone knows, when applying for jobs, you need a stand out resume. However, HR Advisors and Recruiters aren’t just focussing on paper applications they receive anymore, they are also on the hunt for great candidates using online tools, such as LinkedIn.  A LinkedIn account is a great way to market yourself, without having to send your CV to every law firm. It is also a great supplement to your CV. Here are some of our tips for creating a standout profile on LinkedIn:

  1. Choose the right profile picture. Some people treat LinkedIn the same way they treat other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. However, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is a platform for networking on a professional level, and your profile picture should reflect that. Your LinkedIn picture is the first impression fellow professionals, or your future employer gets of you. So, dress like you are going to an interview and keep the background simple.
  2. Write a good summary. The summary section, just like the profile section of your CV should be a snapshot of who you are and your career so far. Keep it short and sweet with no more than a paragraph.
  3. Provide a clear timeline of work experience. Give clear dates (month and year of start and finish where possible) and job titles at each job. Only provide relevant experience, as long as it doesn’t create a gap in work experience. For example, don’t bother putting your first job at McDonald’s when you were 16, but if you worked outside of legal between legal jobs, be sure to still include it, so there aren’t questionable gaps in your work history. In the job description, try to provide information like the amount of lawyers you worked for and their seniority, as well as what teams you worked in.
  4. Put down skills that you think law firms are targeting. When law firms or recruiters are looking through LinkedIn to find potential candidates for a role, they may use certain keywords. It is important to think about the types of roles you want, and what qualities you think a firm is looking for. The skills section is a good place to put areas of law you have experience in as well as computer programs you have used such as Microsoft Office, LEAP, MYOB, or Affinity.
  5. Get some endorsements. This may be a bit outside of your comfort zone, but connect with some people that you have previously or currently work with, and send them a request to give you a review or endorsement. This is a great way to show that you are personable, and that people enjoy working with you.

In a lot of ways, you can treat your LinkedIn profile like a CV. Make sure to check your spelling and grammar! If you would like assistance in creating or updating your LinkedIn Profile or your CV, contact one of our consultants at Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment to discuss our services.  You can also, check out our blog post on the top mistakes legal secretaries make on their CV’s https://www.klrecruitment.com.au/8-mistakes-legal-secretaries-make-in-their-resumes/.

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