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Our legal recruitment methods

Legal Recruitment is a unique field. Law firms can be highly specialised and can have very specific technical needs. Crucial to the success of the recruitment process is understanding the goals and needs that both the employer and the employee have and the ability to determine if the fit is right. While it is fundamental that the employee has the right skills to perform a particular role successfully, we also focus on whether the role is right for the employee in the short and long term. We also pay close attention to the employee’s interpersonal skills, personality and aspirations.

We like to get to know our employees. We believe that by getting to know them as individuals we can better serve employers. While we interview employees we also focus on taking the time to chat with them over a coffee on neutral ground, where they can hopefully feel confident in being open and honest with us. We allocate more time and effort to getting it right than to getting it done.

We are flexible, creative, professional, accountable and accessible. Unlike most agencies we give our employees our mobile numbers and answer our phones in person. Our employees are tested, reference checked at the appropriate time and we offer a replacement guarantee.

We are commercially minded. We understand the realities of doing business and are keen to come up with commercial solutions to aid recruitment. We don’t operate on one methodology only and can adapt it to suit both our employer clients and our employees’ individual needs.

We enjoy dealing with you. We are legal recruiters because we enjoy being involved with legal staff, law firms and corporate clients. We know you will enjoy dealing with us.


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