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Paralegal Jobs in Melbourne & Sydney

Looking for work as a paralegal? Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment has a significant and growing client list with paralegal staffing needs; allowing us to successfully recruit for paralegal jobs in Sydney, Melbourne and throughout Australia.

We are experienced in finding paralegal jobs across permanent, short and long-term temp, or contract bases, and work closely with each of our paralegals to find positions that are challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

If you are a paralegal professional interested in joining our awesome team of contractors, or seeking a new permanent paralegal job, please browse our currently available positions page, and read below for further information on the level of experience that is generally required for the types of projects our paralegals work on.

Get the best out of your paralegal job experience

The greatest thing you can offer as a legal assistant is your experience and practical knowledge. Because what paralegals do is often quite technical and specialised within the practice, we respect your level of experience and will always look for a position that is appropriate. The advantage of working with specialist legal recruiters is that we understand the importance of legal specialisations. The aspects of your experience that are most important to focus on are the matters that you have assisted on and the legal administration software that you have used.

The precise experience you would need to outline on your CV would depend on the area of law you have been working in, but general knowledge of legal administration and research is always helpful. Some examples of tasks specific to a particular area of law

Litigation paralegals assist lawyers in large matters such as project litigation and class actions. For example, you should be able to demonstrate experience with the discovery process and the identification and coding (subjective and objective) of documents; conducting research and creating summaries and chronologies; preparation and filing of court documents and drafting witness statements.

For property law paralegals, we would expect an understanding of how to prepare and file documents relating to mortgages, leases, contracts for sale, transfers and caveats; as well as correspondence with clients, agents and firms. Property paralegals also look after title searches, pest and building reports, strata reports and statutory enquiries. They may also be required to attend settlements and the stamping of contracts and transfers.

The following are the most commonly used software programs that our clients use. Most experienced paralegals will have come across at least one of these previously in their careers:

  • Ringtail
  • Summation
  • Relativity
  • eCase

Your options as a Paraprofessional

There are two main areas of paralegal recruitment that we can help you with

Contracted Paralegal Jobs – Many people work on a contract basis with individual law firms on a major project, particularly during the discovery process for litigation.

Permanent Paralegal Jobs – Alternatively, we occasionally work with clients with permanent paralegal recruitment needs, which offer a different type of working environment and set of tasks. Paralegals with experience in property law often work in this way, managing the leasing, settlement and other transactional needs of their employers.

Our paralegals provide legal support to law firms as well as government and in-house legal teams working on major litigation and other projects.

Paralegals Salary Expectations (Australia)

Paralegals can have a slightly higher earning potential than other legal support and administration staff, but we provide the same advice to these job seekers as others: we look after the salary negotiations in order to find the best amount for both you and your new employer, always with your best interests at the forefront of our considerations.

Working together

When we meet with you, we will talk about your experience in detail and discuss the options that might be available in the current employment market for paralegal jobs. We always want to make sure to be making the right match for you. In the meantime, check our legal job vacancies page for the paralegal positions we have available now.

Alternatively, just email us your CV directly and we can get started on finding you appropriate paralegal jobs right away!


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