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Legal accountant jobs in Melbourne & Sydney

Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment recruits for a variety of accounts positions. The legal accounting jobs we have range from

  • Accounts clerk
  • Legal Bookkeeper
  • Finance manager
  • Accountant and assistant accountant
  • Credit Controller
  • Billing officer
  • Trust accounts clerk
  • Payroll officer

Further information about each of these legal accounts positions is available below.

We recruit legal accounts based roles in boutique, mid-tier and top-tier law firms, as well as government and in-house corporations in Melbourne, Sydney and throughout Australia. If you’re an accounts professional looking for a new challenge in your next career move, or just after a change, a great way to start is to check out our vacancies and all current available roles.


In specialist legal accounts roles it is necessary to have the specific experience required to perform the duties within the position as well as relevant educational prerequisites. As a legal recruitment agency we will be able to guide you towards which course may be relevant to help start your career in legal accounts and/or enhance your current skills.

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Earning Potential for Legal Accounts Professionals

The earning potential can vary according to individual circumstances, such as level of experience and the firm you are working in. Salary negotiation is something our consultants can take care of on your behalf. As specialist legal recruiters, we are experienced in making the best arrangement for both you and our clients. We are guided by the needs of both parties to find the right fit, and will always aim to negotiate the best possible salary.

Different types of legal account positions

Below is a brief summary on the types of legal accounting jobs we recruit for. Each role can differ depending on the type of law firm and requirements of each specific position. When speaking to one of our legal recruitment consultants you will be able to establish further insight into the specific role you are interested in.

Accounts Clerk:

Responsibilities include managing the day-to-day accounts receivable and payable functions together with trust and office account management, maintaining controlled money accounts and other administrative based duties such as managing petty cash and processing credit card payments. Accounts Clerks can also have payroll responsibilities.


Maintaining trust & office accounts, end of month reconciliations and reports, accounts payable, debtor management, maintaining investment register/controlled monies accounts, payroll/ PAYG/Superannuation.

Finance Manager

Some firms who recruit for a Finance Manager may prefer candidates who are a qualified Accountant (e.g. CA, CPA or equivalent), though it is not always a prerequisite. Duties can include preparing BAS, managing staff, overseeing payroll, trust accounting, financial control, taxation, accounting and asset banking. Other tasks can include preparing budgets, forecasting and project work. In addition Finance Managers also generate business analysis and review processes/procedures, introduce new concepts to improve efficiency within the accounting and related functions.


Accountants within law firms are usually CPA/CA qualified with a background in professional services. They are responsible for ensuring all Tax and Corporation Law compliance matters are adhered to, as well as preparing cash flow projections. They assist in the negotiation and structuring of buying/selling of assets and business units whilst also undertaking monthly and/or quarterly reviews of management accounts. They also have the responsibility monitoring the financial performance of the firm and reporting to Partners/upper management.

Assistant Accountant

Assisting with any overflow work from the Accountant or Finance Manager, such as monitoring and assisting with aged debtors and WIP analysis, preparation of year-end financial accounts and budgets, assisting with the preparation of monthly management accounts and reviewing key control account reconciliations. As well as assisting with preparing and maintaining spread sheets, ensuring deadlines are met and reviewing/completing bank reconciliations.

Credit Controller

Undertaking tasks such as debtor control, reconciliation of accounts, identifying risk accounts and collating bills, cost agreements and partner approvals. Managing unallocated funds and maintaining accurate records.

Billing Officer

Identifying billing requirements and maintaining billing templates. Overseeing and supporting staff to ensure billing is completed accurately and within the required time lines.

Trust Accounts Clerk

Tasks include receipting Trust funds into the Trust account and processing payments from the Trust account, which can include preparing cheques for property and other settlements. A Trust Account Clerk is responsible for preparing relevant documents in relation to settlements for bank cheques to be prepared, as well as keeping on top of all Trust account queries and reports.

Payroll Officer

Prepare and process payroll whilst maintaining and updating employee records. Answering payroll enquires and also assisting with Financial year-end activities, such as reconciliation and payment summaries. Payroll duties can be allocated to the Accounts Clerk or Bookkeeper or even the HR Department within a law firm.

Taking the next step

Once you have made the decision to move into a new legal accounts role, ask yourself; what do I really want to gain from my next position?

We want to find the best legal accounting job for you. One that you will enjoy and be successful in. This will of course depend on your particular strengths and what sort of environment you want to work in. Start by looking at your current resume and adjusting it so that your experience and education in the accounts field you’re interested in stands out.

As specialist legal recruiters, we know the Melbourne and Sydney legal industry well and can provide you with the advice you need to make an informed decision about where to go next.

For more information or advice on legal accountant jobs in Melbourne or Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact us today – and be sure to keep an eye on our current available roles.


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