If you know there is a better role out there for you, with more money, better working conditions, endless champagne in the office and a lifelong free supply of Michael Kors handbags … why wouldn’t you grab that opportunity? It seems simple enough, write a cover letter, update your CV and proceed to go, collect all the Michael Kors that you can fit under your bed and collect $200.00. Ok, the work force isn’t exactly like a Monopoly board (and if anyone knows where an endless supply of Michael Kors is, please call me ASAP), but what if the transition into a new role could really be that easy?

At Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment, we are proud to provide an affordable resume writing service. Our experienced resume writers pride themselves on the ability to tailor a CV and cover letter to assist job seekers in securing their dream job. We take the hassle out of job hunting. It’s quite common for job seekers to send us a direct link to a job they are interested in and for us to tailor a CV and cover letter for that specific role. Alternatively, we can create a more general CV and cover letter which can be used for various applications.

The first step is for you to send us a copy of your CV. We then assess your CV and evaluate whether or not we are able to assist you. Pat yourself on the back if we aren’t able to assist you – you’ve obviously done a great job with your CV! As part of our service, we then have an in-depth chat with you to find out who you are and what you’ve done – people tend to leave out the most amazing and sometimes obvious information and our initial chat allows us to gather all the right details to fill in the gaps!

After this, we are in a better position to draft both the CV and cover letter.  The drafts are then forwarded to you for review, and we work together on any amendments that you would like to make before sending you final copies along with some extra information and tips to assist with your job hunt.

As specialist legal recruiters, we know exactly how employers like to see a CV and cover letter. We can address the tricky key criteria (which everyone knows is tedious at best) and make it easy for you. Securing an interview and your dream job, can really be this easy.

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