As a legal recruitment agency we get many calls from our clients requiring a temp. Usually they need someone who can start yesterday! In other words, our temps are in high demand at the moment and they are usually required for urgent assignments at very short notice.

Working as a temp has many benefits, as you gain the chance to experience working at different law firms and get exposure to a variety of different practice areas. Networking benefits are endless as you meet a new professional network of solicitors and legal secretaries with each different role.

As a further incentive, ‘temp to perm’ opportunities are also becoming more common as our clients are taking advantage of the ‘try before you buy’ approach. Of course gaining a permanent role from a temp role is never guaranteed, but it is a great opportunity for you to also analyse the firm and role before committing to working there permanently.

Temps also have to leave a good impression, even when a perm opportunity is not a goal of yours, as a firm may ask you to come back to temp if they are impressed by your skill set, your personality and your work ethic. As a recruiter, whether it is Kaleidoscope or another agency, they will receive feedback from the supervisor of your temp assignment and the agency will use that feedback to consider you for other temp options. In reality, a temp role, like any other job, will leave a lasting impression and shape future work-related prospects. Good temps are always busy and strive to be available at short notice which displays your ability to be flexible.

Responding promptly is also very important when you are a temp. For example, if an agency or a law firm is in dire need of a temp, the reality is they will contact various temps on their books. The longer you take to respond to them the chances of you landing that temp assignment becomes slimmer.

If you are an experienced legal secretary or know of someone who is interested in temping in the legal space send your resume to [email protected] or contact us on 03 8676 0352.