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We’ve all heard the old maxim; “Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of you!”, and anyone worth their weight in the world of business knows that this doesn’t just stop at personal treatment. Many recent studies have shown that environmental factors in the office environment can also have a huge impact on the mental health, well-being, efficiency and productivity of those who work in it!

The office environment is without a doubt, one of the most important factors when determining job satisfaction too, and an environment which is not at very least, paid attention too, or neglected can have disastrous long-term effects.

The physical environment of your office space affects how employees interact; perform tasks and even how they are led, not to mention that the design of a room or meeting place can drive up productivity and work satisfaction.  So many more different factors come into play when considering workplace happiness and productivity.

So, here are a few things for you to consider when setting up your office environment to maximise efficiency and to keep your employees as happy as they can be-

Office Features

A large number of work environment studies point to a relationship between worker satisfaction and specific workplace features. Ambient features in office environments can have a positive influence on employee health and, consequently, on productivity. It pays to give attention to the following:

  • Lighting

Ample lighting can help reduce eyestrain and overall fatigue over the course of the day.

  • Temperature

Environments that are too hot or too cold can be a big distraction and result in higher utility bills. Check in with employees to determine the right temperature. Note that many women are comfortable at a higher temperature than men.

  • Ventilation

Having a generous flow of oxygen is important for mental sharpness and sustained energy.

  • Acoustics

Good acoustics help reduce the din that causes a needless elevation of stress levels. Also, note whether sound travels through walls so that confidential meetings and phone calls do not seep through closed spaces.

  • Ergonomic furniture

The effect of poor quality furniture builds over time. Sitting at a desk and performing repetitive movements such as typing can result in pain and posture problems.

The Open vs. Closed Debate

Open-plan office spaces have seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent decades, with many businesses and their leaders citing the many positives of a more collaborative workspace, contributing to a more contented workforce, relaxed environment and greater job satisfaction, to name a few factors.

Advantages of Open-Plan Office Spaces

Increased Collaboration

By far, one of the greatest benefits of breaking down literal walls in the office is increased collaboration. When multiple people are working in the same space, they are more likely to share ideas and ask for input. Sure, there are plenty of web-based tools for communication these days, such as Slack and HipChat. But humans are social beings, and there are still psychological and productivity benefits from in-person communications in the workplace.

Stronger & Healthier Workplace Relationships

Not only does shared work space help people work together better, but it also helps the company save money. When you don’t have so many walls to build and rooms to plan, a significant amount of construction costs are saved. It is possible to provide more workspaces for additional employees in an open plan office. This setup is also more economical in terms of paying for electricity, heat, and air conditioning.

Open-plan Means Greater Flexibility

Who knows what the next office trend will be or whether some other configuration will emerge that is actually more beneficial than the open plan office. But with a shared space right now, you can ensure that you are flexible for whatever comes next. It’s easier and more economical to add more features to an open office than modify existing structures to give the next big office trend a try down the road.

Though open offices have become ubiquitous in many (office-based) industries, for their many notable benefits, there are still a few drawbacks; ones which only the traditional ‘closed-office’ or cubicle-style office floor plan can offer-

Advantages of Closed Floor Plans

While closed floor plans can cost more in terms of the amount of required space and furniture, the cost of lost productivity in an open-plan office is much higher.

Peace, Quiet & Fewer Interruptions
Study after study has suggested that chaotic background noise increases the amount of effort required to complete tasks.

Noise and interruptions can interfere with memory. When workers are interrupted, they forget what they were doing and must restart the task rather than work continuously. It typically takes over 20 minutes to get back on track after an interruption.

Working in an office means that you are going to spend a big part of your life there- and it makes sense to do everything you can to make that workplace one which you feel great in, and one which encourages you to be efficient and productive in your work.

You wont always need to make sure that you are there in which case you won't have to out of the box out of the box out of the box out of the box out of the box out of the box solutions for you and your business you won't always have to make sure that you are there in which case

KLR is a specialist legal recruitment agency offering legal secretary, paralegal and legal admin jobs within Australia. We have vast experience in successfully recruiting legal personnel across a wide range of positions for boutique, mid-tier and top-tier law firms in Melbourne Sydney and Australia.


For more information on jobs, employers or for any other enquiries, get in touch with the team at KLR today!


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Kaleidoscope is excited to officially welcome Anthony Pace to the team! Anthony is our newest consultant and comes from an extensive legal support background. Anthony understands the challenges of finding a new role and has the skills and knowledge to guide secretaries and legal support staff in their search. 

If you'd like to chat about your next career move contact Anthony on 03 8676 0486  for a confidential discussion or email 

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Our elves have been busy in the office this week preparing for the silly season!

We'd like to wish all our clients and friends a festive holiday season and happy New Year, we look forward to working with you all in 2018!

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Thanks to all those who attended Oaks Day yesterday.  This year was our most exciting to date with so many of our lucky secretaries taking home sweep prizes! It was also a special day for Kaleidoscope as we celebrated Partner Fiona Ruggieri’s 10 year anniversary! Congratulations Fiona and thank you for everything you’ve done over the past 10 years to make Kaleidoscope a success.

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Kaleidoscope is hosting its annual Oaks Day Racesevent and we would love for you to come!!  

Held at CQ on Thursday, 9th November between 12noon and 2pm, come join us and enjoy some champagne, canapes and take part in our free sweeps with prizes.  Please feel free to forward this invite to as many of your legal secretary and support staff friends as you like (the more the merrier!!).  Do note however, that spots are limited – so first in best dressed!

Please RSVP to by Monday, 23rd October to let us know if you can attend. It's the perfect chance to escape the office during your lunch break or you can even join us for the whole two hours! 

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Today the office acquired 3 new furry employees for National Bring Your Dog to Work Day! They certainly brightened up the office and definitely increased productivity.

From left: Foxy, Dash and Tori

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When you’re applying for jobs, providing references will be an essential part of the process. While these don’t always need to be included on your resume to begin with, it is important that you have a few professional references lined up for when a potential employer requests them.

When you apply for a job, you’re essentially selling yourself. A reference check usually comes at the end of the application/interview process, and is your last chance to put your best foot forward. As such, a good reference could land you the job, while a bad one will most likely negatively affect your chances.

Our recruitment team at Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment have years’ of experience processing applications in the Australian legal jobs sector, and in that time we’ve discovered what makes a good reference and what makes a bad one. Here’s what we’ve learnt: 

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Kaleidoscope and Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment are proud to be hosting their annual movie night this month for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2!

When is it?             Thursday, 27th April.  

                               Pre-movie drinks 5:40pm

                              Movie starts 6:40pm sharp

Where is it?           Hoyts, Level 4, Melbourne Central

As always, we would love for you to bring other lawyers and legal secretaries so feel free to share the invite with your colleagues – the more the merrier. As those who have been before know, there are limited seats, so it’s first in best dressed!

Pre-movie drinks, choc-tops and popcorn are included.  Not sure what to expect? View a preview of the movie here

RSVP to before Friday,7th April to let us know if you can join us. If you want to bring a guest or guests we need you to RSVP with all of your guests names, email address and place of work/job title.

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Kissing a lot of frogs doesn’t always get you your prince

As recruiters for the legal profession we see pretty well every job-seeking strategy there is. Some work, and some don’t. A few work spectacularly badly. One of these is the scattergun approach; the candidate who applies more or less indiscriminately for any position that looks remotely suitable. It seems to be inspired by the old adage that “you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince”.

Let’s have a look at that.

The frog-kissing business may have some validity, but these candidates don’t even take the trouble to ensure that everything they kiss at least starts off as a frog, even if its future transformation into prince may be uncertain. For instance, we saw a candidate the other day who applied for two vacancies in the same firm – one for a litigation secretary, and the other for an HR position. Both jobs had been well-described in the ads, and nobody who had read the ads carefully could seriously have considered themselves suitable for both. So these guys kiss salamanders, toads, water-boatmen; anything vaguely yukky that looks as though it lives near a pond.

Don’t let your Prince catch you kissing your frogs

Worse still, in this case, the candidate had inadvertently revealed their sloppy methods to the prospective employer, diminishing their chances for either position.

Choose with care the jobs you apply for. Look for well-written ads that clearly describe the job and the qualities the employer is looking for. Target only those for which you are well- qualified. Be intelligently ambitious – look for challenges, but challenges you believe you have the knowledge and experience to meet. Then make sure your application addresses the terms of the job ad as fully and persuasively as possible – you have fewer frogs, but they have far greater prince-potential, and you have the time to lavish on each one.

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Last week Kaleidoscope celebrated its 11th Annual Oaks Day function. Unlike last year the sun was shining which made the lunch time excursion from the office much more enjoyable for all in attendance! The Champagne was flowing and with free sweeps and three races many of our legal secretaries and support staff walked away with a prize or two! Nobody left empty handed though thanks to the delicious cookies from Melbourne Cookie Co.  Thanks to all who came from the team here at Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment and we look forward to seeing you all again next year! (Pictured from left: Amanda Lee, Kate Wain, Fiona Ruggieri and Claire Robinson)

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It's that time of year again - The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is upon us and we are of course celebrating with our annual Oaks Day Function! With only one week to go it's time to dig out your fascinators and tell your boss you'll be taking an extended lunch

Event details:

Date:                      Thursday, 3rd November 2016

Time:                      12pm – 2pm

Address:                 CQ Bar, 113 Queen Street

You can pop in for a few minutes or the whole two hours, but make sure you are there for at least one of the races as there's a good chance you'll bag a prize with our free sweeps! (and of course there will be complimentary champagne and canapes) 

It's not too late to RSVP for yourself and any legal support friends, email Norah at 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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The team here at Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment recently took a break at Melbourne's Ice Bar in Fitzroy.  All survived the sub -40 degree temperatures for almost an hour (with the help of a cocktail or two) followed by a fantastic feast at Rice Queen and some show stopping karaoke! Will soon have to start planning our Christmas function... any ideas?

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Who would you choose? Darcy or McDreamy? See how Bridget gets herself into a pickle this time here

Kaleidoscope and Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment invite you to a private, premiere screening of the movie Bridget Jones’s Baby, on Thursday, 15th September.   Pre-movie drinks start at 5:30pm @ Hoyts Cinemas, Level 4, Melbourne Central with the movie showing at 6:45pm.  We’ve also got some pre-show entertainment in the form of DJ NIXX.

We would love for you to bring other legal secretaries and lawyers so feel free to share the invite with your colleaguesthe more the merrier.

Drinks, choc-tops and popcorn included.  There are limited seats, so first in best dressed.

RSVP to before Monday, 29th August to let us know if you can join us. Please RSVP with all of your guests names, email address and place of work/job title.


Bridget Jones Invite

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The Kaleidoscope and Burgess Paluch bunnies have been busy delivering delicious Easter buns this week.  Dan and his team of talented bakers from the Commercial Bakery in Gills Alley ( worked through the night to have them ready in time!

From all of us here at Kaleidoscope and Burgess Paluch Legal Recruitment we wish everyone a safe and happy Easter break! 

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Welcome back to what is without doubt the premier Aussie Rules FOOTY TIPPING competition for the legal community in Australia. This year will be a big one! Free entry. $1000 first prize and weekly prizes. So get on board. Just over two weeks until first bounce, and it only takes 20 seconds to sign up. We look forward to you joining us!

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Kate Wain, our multi-tasking para-consultant recently celebrated her one year anniversary with Kaleidoscope. Originally a legal secretary, we thought we’d sit down and have a chat about how she is doing one year on after her career change. 

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The Kaleidoscope and Burgess Paluch Elves have been busy delivering delicious festive cookies this week! (Melbourne Cookie Co even gave us a few samples of their shortbread and gingerbread creations to try)

We hope all our followers have a joyous festive season and enjoyable New Year!*

*Kaleidoscope is closed over the break from 24th December and re-opens again on Thursday, 7th January.


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If you know there is a better role out there for you, with more money, better working conditions, endless champagne in the office and a lifelong free supply of Michael Kors handbags … why wouldn’t you grab that opportunity? It seems simple enough, write a cover letter, update your CV and proceed to go, collect all the Michael Kors that you can fit under your bed and collect $200.00. Ok, the work force isn’t exactly like a Monopoly board (and if anyone knows where an endless supply of Michael Kors is, please call me ASAP), but what if the transition into a new role could really be that easy?

At Kaleidoscope Legal Recruitment, we are proud to provide an affordable resume writing service. Our experienced resume writers pride themselves on the ability to tailor a CV and cover letter to assist job seekers in securing their dream job. We take the hassle out of job hunting. It’s quite common for job seekers to send us a direct link to a job they are interested in and for us to tailor a CV and cover letter for that specific role. Alternatively, we can create a more general CV and cover letter which can be used for various applications.

The first step is for you to send us a copy of your CV. We then assess your CV and evaluate whether or not we are able to assist you. Pat yourself on the back if we aren’t able to assist you – you’ve obviously done a great job with your CV! As part of our service, we then have an in-depth chat with you to find out who you are and what you’ve done – people tend to leave out the most amazing and sometimes obvious information and our initial chat allows us to gather all the right details to fill in the gaps!

After this, we are in a better position to draft both the CV and cover letter.  The drafts are then forwarded to you for review, and we work together on any amendments that you would like to make before sending you final copies along with some extra information and tips to assist with your job hunt.  

As specialist legal recruiters, we know exactly how employers like to see a CV and cover letter. We can address the tricky key criteria (which everyone knows is tedious at best) and make it easy for you. Securing an interview and your dream job, can really be this easy.

For further information click here or contact Kate on 03 8676 0352 or


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You have all heard that the property market is booming in Melbourne right now – what you might be wondering is whether the jobs market is booming for legal secretaries and support staff to match it!

With housing prices and the demand for properties on the rise, is it safe to assume the demand for property legal secretaries and conveyancing clerks is on the upward move too?

Let’s take a look at the hot-spots for staff in the legal support world right now… 

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